About Cassia

roth-cassia-200sqCassia received her PhD in Latin American History with a Concentration in Gender Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2016. She is currently a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of History, Classics, and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. Before that, she was a Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholar at the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her book manuscript, titled A Miscarriage of Justice: Reproduction, Medicine, and the Law in Early Twentieth-Century Brazil (under review with Stanford University Press), examines reproductive health in relation to legal and medical policy in Brazil’s then-capital city. See the Miscarriage of Justice section of the website for more information.

Cassia has taught Latin American history at UCLA and at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

She is a contributing writer with the medical and gender history blog Nursing Clio (check out the Blog section). Her research has been supported by the Fulbright Foundation, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the American Historical Association, the Coordinating Council for Women in History, UCLA, and the European Union.

Cassia is currently working on a project entitled “Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil,” funded by the European Union. See the Birthing Abolition section of the website for more information.

Email: cassia.roth@ed.ac.uk
University website: www.ed.ac.uk
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cassia-roth-73703820
Academia.edu: edinburgh.academia.edu/CassiaRoth
Curriculum Vitae: Roth, Cassia CV 2017